Full Recovery

Children’s Burn Foundation is the only known foundation that offers the Full Recovery Program for child burn survivors, locally, nationally, and internationally – a unique blend of medical care, psycho-social support services, and daily living support to help young burn survivors achieve their full potential.

The complex interplay of physical and psychological trauma resulting from severe burn injuries can profoundly affect the lives of children for years to come. Through the Foundation‘s full range of programs and services, young burn survivors receive new hope, a community of supporters who understand, and a chance at a full recovery.

Program services include:

  • Medical Care & Support for Physical Recovery
  • Family Emergency Assistance
  • Camps & Retreats for Child Burn Survivors and Families
  • Teen Support Group: Young Adult Burn Survivors & Supporters (Y.A.B.S.S.)
  • Child & Family Support Groups

Medical Care

Grossmans with signThe Full Recovery Program provides medical care and other critically needed support services to those whose needs may not be covered by insurance or state services. The services provided include:




  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Physical Therapy
  • Special Burn Supplies like pressure garments and facemasks
  • Prostheses

To request Medical Services, click here.

Family Emergency Assistance

The trauma of a burn injury affects the entire family. Parents often must take time off from work to be with their children in the hospital and at home. For many, this can lead to financial crisis. The Foundation’s Family Emergency Assistance Program provides assistance to low income families to relieve financial stresses so that families can focus on their child’s recovery.

This support includes:

  • Transportation
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Food Vouchers
  • Special Needs

To request services, click here.

Camps & Retreats

One of the most difficult issues that young burn survivors face is an incredible sense of isolation. At Camp, young burn survivors create lasting friendships with other child burn survivors. Camp provides a safe place for young burn patients to connect and build friendships, and to move beyond their burn injuries to discover the full potential of their future.


_MG_5701 - Version 3Camp Gung-Ho
Camp Gung-Ho’s are free day outings in the Greater Los Angeles area several times a year for child burn survivors. At Camp Gung-Ho, fishing, swimming, horseback riding and fun are on the day’s agenda. Most importantly, camp allows the children to forget about treatment and just be kids. Open to ages 6 – 16.

Four Camps will take place this year. They include:

El Capitan Theatre for Toy Story 4 followed by bowling at Lucky Strike, Surf Camp, Brookfield Farms for swimming, fishing, arts & crafts, and games, and Universal Studios.

We are grateful to Trinity HealthShare and The Council of Children’s Burn Foundation for their generous sponsorship of these camps.









Family Camp

As a combined program with other burn support groups, Family Camp is an overnight camp over Memorial Day Weekend for burn survivors and their families. This experience provides an opportunity for burn survivors and their families to relax, make friends, and meet other families who really understand burn trauma.








Winter Retreat
The Winter Retreat is a four-day retreat between Christmas and New Years for burn survivors and their families, providing much needed emotional renewal and a sense of community among burn survivors.


If you would like to attend camp, contact us for more information.






Holiday Parties


CBF Halloween logoChildren’s Halloween Parties

Children’s Burn Foundation celebrates Halloween with our children and families.  Our YABSS Teen Support Group and our children’s support group both have festive celebrations filled with fun, food, decorations and goodies galore.  For those children still in the hospital, we bring Halloween to them.


CBF CM colorChildren’s Holiday Parties

We help support children’s holiday parties at local Southern California hospitals ensuring that child burn survivors and their families have toys and fun for the holidays. Last year alone, more than 450 child burn survivors and their families attended a special party at Firehouse 84 in Los Angeles. Pasadena firefighters served hot dogs and Hasbro, JAKKS Pacific, Imperial Toy and Toys for Tots made sure each child received a special holiday gift.  Children’s Burn Foundation Council women put on a fantastic event.



Teen Support Group – Y.A.B.S.S.

IMG_3642Young Adult Burn Survivors & Supporters (Y.A.B.S.S.) is a teen program that connects burn survivors ages 13 – 18. When teens attend Y.A.B.S.S. they discover a place of acceptance, comfort and understanding. Meeting twice a month, the group provides an opportunity for teen burn survivors to share stories, begin to shed their feelings of shame, and rebuild their self-esteem. Teen members also participate in facilitated group activities. As the teens spend time in activities that promote community service, teamwork, and friendship, they are able to develop leadership skills and confidence that they can use as they grow and mature. If you are interested in participating or learning more about Y.A.B.S.S., contact  .

How has Y.A.B.S.S. (Young Adult Burn Survivors & Supporters) helped you?


“It has helped me overcome my fears. I thought no one would be my friend because of my burn scars. I am happy to find out I am not the only one. I am not alone.” – Teen Burn Survivor

Child & Family Support Groups

The unique challenges that a child burn survivors faces affect not only them but their parents and siblings too. Parents want so much to help their child, but they don’t always know how. Children, parents and siblings come together for support groups, guided by licensed therapists, especially designed to help them through the difficult emotional recovery from their burn injuries.  For more information, contact us.

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