Thank You, Donors! July 2015 – June 2016

ETERNAL HERO ($100,000 +)

Adriana and Jay Balaban

EPIC HERO ($50,000 +)

Jacqueline Glass Family
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Sandy and Larry Post
UniHealth Foundation
Windsong Trust

DYNAMIC HERO ($25,000 +)

The Austin Memorial Foundation
Berger North Foundation
Lynda and Al Fadel
Barbara and Dr. Peter Fodor
Brindell Gottlieb
The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation
Johnny Carson Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
L A Northpoint Ltd
Patty and John Nickoll
Kathy and Charlie Toppino
Trebek Family Foundation

NOBLE HERO ($15,000 +)

Krishna and Bobby Daly
Sandy Krause and William Fitzgerald
Erika and Roger Greaves
The Green Foundation
Carol and Doug Mancino
Barbara and Chuck Pratt
Lon V. Smith Foundation
Sunair Children’s Foundation
Elinor and Rubin Turner

SUPER HERO ($10,000 +)

Abbot Downing
The Allergan Foundation
Dignity Health
Dryer Vent Wizard International LLC
Edison International
Katharine and Sam Elliott
Ernest G. Herman Foundation
Connie Frank
The George & Jean Rothschild Family Foundation
Ruth and Howard Gilliam
Donald W. Grant
Health Net, Inc.
Irvine Health Foundation
Suzanne and Ric Kayne
Lenore and Fred Kayne & Mary and Stephen Kayne
Mari and John Linfesty
Susan and Ryan Lynch
Dick Merkin
The Honorable Richard J. Riordan
Anne Sacks
Nicole and Alex Sinkys
Tracy and  F. Ron Smith
Virginia Friedhofer Charitable Trust
Ellen and Louis Wolfson

PATRON OF HOPE ($5,500 +)

Diane Allen
Ashford Hospitality Advisors LLC
Jackie and Howard Banchik
Bonnie and Mitch Bloom
John Brady
Bea and Richard Clareman
Shawna Clark
Barbara and Patrick Deming
Karen Dodge and Terry Butler
Danielle and Daniel Elperin
Nadine and Russ Gerns
Rebecca and Peter Grossman
Sally and Paul Kanin
Robert and Sonia Kirkman
Dana and Lem Kitaj
Jodi Kristopher LLC
Beth Lane and Joel Moody
Susan and Peter Mallory
Joan Mangum and Stan Magid
Barbara and Roy March
Adria and Pedro Marti
Northern Trust of California
Michael Palmer
Deena and Dr. John Regan
Jean and Steve Roth
Alex Simpson
Yvonne and Tyson Skillings
Venable LLP
Myrna and George Weisenfeld
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Willenborg Productions, Inc.

PROMISE OF HOPE ($2,750 +)

Mrs. Bruce W. Albertson
Dennis Alfieri
Michele and Arlen Andelson
Elizabeth and Bill Bamattre
Debbie and Alan Barbanel
Jennifer and Canard Barnes
Barbara and William R. Barrett, Jr.
Fay and Lester Bass
Audrey and Bob Bornstein
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Briskin
Terri Cammarano
Mara and Joe Carieri
Deana and Bob Cavanaugh
Beverly and Bob Cohen
Karen and Ted Coyne
Maria Cozzi
Suzanne and Rob Davidow
The Effie and Wofford Cain Foundation
The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation
Heidi and Jonathan Epstein
Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association Foundation
Bill Fishel
Suzanne and Howard Furst
Greg Galusha
Good Old Lew Foundation
Mary and Rocky Hambric
Shelli Herman
Barbara Herman
Hella and Chuck Hershson
Integra Lifesciences Foundation
Martha and Bruce Karsh
Gabby and David Klatsky
Jo Ann Klauer
Claire and Mike Van Konynenburg
La Vie en Rose Trust / Celia Kahn
The Leon and Toby Gold Foundation
Tracey Letteau and Brent Stallings
Milken Family Foundation
Barbara and Norm Namerow
Nancy and Bruce Newberg
William O’Brien
Margo and Michael O’Connell
Karen and Rafe Pery
Annette and Bert Rasmussen
Belinda and Eric Reimer
Dr. Matthew Reiss
The Robb Family Foundation
Sandra D. Rosenbaum
Alice and Ira Rosenberg
Patty and Michael Rosenfeld
Robert Rubano
Matt Ruderman
Grace and Ken Russak
Ellie and Sina Salamat
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles
Maggie and Tom Simms
Nicole Picone Sokolow
Evan Spiliotopoulos
Jill Stein
Ginny Stevenson
Robin and David Swartz
Torrance Memorial Burn Center
Esther and Tom Wachtell
Lynda Weiser
Wells Fargo Foundation
West Hills Hospital & Medical Center
Heidi and Ken Widelitz


Roberta and Ted Adams
Paradigm Talent Agency
Anne and Russ Allegrette
Paul F. Allen
Patty and Frank Ambrosino
Susan Andrews
The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation
Bonnie Arnold
Jay Azar
Bank of America Matching Gifts
David Barkhuff
Tanya and Jeff Baron
Robert Barry
Carl Basler
Julie L. Bauer
Laurie and Bruce Bauman
David M. Beacher
Judy and Tom Beckmen
Tony Behrstock
Lawrence Belskis
Marjorie Bender and the Honorable Richard Stone
David and Jordana Berg
Mariellen and Peter Bergman
Suzanne Bonafede and Dr. Steve Lombardo
Iris and Leonard Bovee
Tisha and Anthony Brent
Steve and Alisa Brown
Christopher Cantrell
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Leila and David Carpenter
Annette and Curt Castagna
Karla Castro
Dryer Vent Wizard of Charlotte
Chris Chee
Arthur Chinski
Ron Collier and Ron Cline
Jan and Joe Cobert
Wendy and Victor Coleman
Lori Coleman
Lilly and Kevin Crummy
Steven Dau
Denise and Tom Decker
Lynn and Irwin Deutch
Suzanne D. Dinatale
Marci and Jeff Dinkin
Doren Family Trust Foundation
Carolynne and Ze’ev Drori
Dryer Vent Wizard of Massachusetts
Stephen Van Dusen
Nancy and Mike Eisenstadt
Rita and Steve Emerson
Carol Ann and Moise Emquies
Rae and Al Fairfield
Randal Farwell
Judy and Jerry Felsenthal
Fiduciary Trust International of California
FireFighters Quest for Burn Survivors
Pat and Michael Forman
Steven Frankel
Craig Frankel
Kate Freeman
Judy and Harry Friedman
Ava and Chuck Fries
Barbara and Ned Gaylord
GGE Foundation
Bert Ginsberg
Marcia Caden and Moe Goldberg
Gregg Goldfarb
Valerie and Don Goldman
Elaine Goldsmith
Jill Gordon
Lisa and Marty Greenberg
Vera and Paul Guerin
Jeff Gurman
Dania Gutierrez
Caroline and Michael Hackman
Roberta Haft and Howard L. Rosoff
Doug Hamlin
The Hassenfeld Family Foundation
The Hidden Pond Foundation
Fran Hill
John Hoffman
Terry and Steve Hofstadter
Betty Hollingsworth
Carol and Steve Horvitz
Laurie Hosen
Thelma Houston
Shane Mc Hugh
Mildred Iacovetti
IBM Employee Services Center
Jeremy Ingan
Deanna Jackman
Rob Jacobson
Richard James
Jill Janger
Green Hasson Janks
Marcy and Dan Jennings
Margie and Craig Jennings
David Johnson
Vicki Martin and Preston Johnson
Theresa Jones
Mark Kadzielski
Julie and Richard Kagan
Frank Kamer
Lauren Katz
Stephanie and Melvin Kay
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP
Jack Keese
Cindy and Jonathon Ker
Barbara and Roy Koletsky
Peter Koplik
Dr. and Mrs. Kramer
Amy and Steve Kurland
Ann and Charles LaFranchi
Lisa LaPorta
Kara Lew Larew and Jim Larew
Sandi and Gary Larsen
Jason Lawit
Aliza and Michael Lesser
Lucy and Jared Levine
Heidi and Neil Levitt
Charlotte and Mike Levitt
Ina and Bernie Lewis
Yong Qian Li
Lea and Ofer Lion
Loeb & Loeb LLP
Alena Loretta
Marlene and Sandy Louchheim
Leo Lovato
Beth and Bob Lowe
Janet and Richard Mancino
Dede and Billy Mandel
Steven Marcussen
Pam and Al Markovitz
Cookie and Ron Markowitz
Marion Marsh-Goldenfeld
Patrick McAlister
Carol McDermott
Donna and Tony Mellos
Leo Metcalfe
Annette Michelson
Teresa Mitchell
Susie and Fred Morad
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Diane Morton
Pavlina Moskalykova and Matt Solo
Angela Movassaghi
Laverne and Dave Mullen
Mary Anne and James Murphy
Dr. Vimal Murthy
Jocelyn and Jason Nettles
Frank Arentowicz & Sara R. Nichols
Barbara and Fred Nicola
Jane and Ben Noll
One Beacon Charitable Trust
John O’Shea
Carol and Barry Patmore
Anna Paul
Donald Pearson
Frank and Ron Pennino
Howard and Kerry Perlow
Gary Pestana
Vincent Petrosino
Judy Piro
Steve Plum
FRX Polymers
Debbie and Rick Powell
Jose Preciado
Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Pressman
PT Charitable Giving Fund
Reiko Pultz
Felice and Herb Reston
Terry Reuer
Mary and Tony Rodriguez
Claudette Rogers
Lois Rosen
Donna and Harvey Rosen
Jerry Rothstein
Arnold Rudnick
Abdul and Karen Sahebzadah
Renee and Bob Schnell
Andrew Schroeder
Ian Schuler
Claudia and Mark Schwartz
Michael Schwartz
Debbee and Robert Schwartz
Phyllis and Rick Scott
Carol Scott
Catherine Sezgin
Shirley and Ralph Shapiro
Stacy and Jesse Sharf
Daniel Sheehan
The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation
Dr. Rob Sheridan
Kirsten and Brian Shirken
Jennifer and Steve Shpilsky
Marcia and Robert Shuwarger
Silk Family Foundation
Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts
Minoo and Eddie Simantob
Ellen and Mark Simmons
The Simms/Mann Family Foundation
Edward Simpson
Paul Sinclair
Laurie and John Sischo
Jeffrey Smith
Terri and Michael Smooke
Stephen Somer
Stephanie Spencer
Sybelle and Tom Sprague
St. John’s Health Center Foundation
Linda May and Jack Suzar
Joan and Stan Tabb
Suzanne and Gary Tearston
Marshall Temkin
Maureen and Harvey Temkin
Paula Lechman Testa
Mary Beth and Hardy Thomas
Aubrey and Bobby Thomason
Tracey and Mitch Thomson
Daniel M. Tour
Jovan and Mike Trapani
Jean and Alex Trebek
Sherry and Ben Tunnell
Linda and Neal Vitale
Lynelle Wagner
Kathleen Waters
Dayle Weiner
Maria and Michael Weintraub
Kathy and Irwin Weiss
Wells Fargo Bank
Randy Widelitz
Misty Widelitz
Lisa Wiggs
Lenore Winsberg
Kristin and Jeff Worthe
Pam and Leo Wyler
Suzette and Kumar Yamani
Matt Yandy
Frederick Yeager
Carol and David Zaslow
Debbie and Mike Zeiden
Robyn and Keith Zimmet

 Please forgive any unintentional errors or omissions.

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