Ni Na’s Story

NiNaSeventeen-year-old Ni Na was approached and asked out on a date by a 21-year-old would-be suitor during her friend’s birthday party. Ni Na is from the city of Da Nang, Vietnam near the Marble Mountains. Aware that her family was opposed to dating, Ni Na refused to go out with the suitor, not wanting to dishonor her parents.

Following the party, as she and her cousin took an afternoon nap; the rejected suitor doused Ni Na with gasoline and lit her on fire. She was rushed to Da Nang hospital with third degree burns over 75% of her body. Miraculously, she lived. But after three months in the hospital and far from healed, Ni Na was forced to go home when her family could no longer afford to pay for medical treatment.

Ni Na has struggled with sadness since the attack. Just as her faith was almost gone, Ni Na learned that the Children’s Burn Foundation would bring her and her mother to Los Angeles for state-of-the-art burn care.

The Foundation arranged for Ni Na to be treated by world-renowned doctors at the Grossman Burn Center. The Foundation also arranged transportation, housing, community support and all of the assistance required to meet Ni Na’s needs during her one-year stay in Los Angeles.
Note: Ni Na’s attacker was sentenced to 16 years in jail for his crime.


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