Kevin’s Story

Kevin_Story_Childrens StoriesFour-year-old Kevin was admitted to Torrance Memorial Hospital Burn Unit; he had severe burns to 40% of his body. Kevin was playing with his siblings in the yard of their housing complex when he found a lighter and a hair spray bottle. The next thing little Kevin knew, his clothes were on fire and his young, delicate skin was burning in intense pain.

Luckily, Kevin survived, but he had to undergo multiple surgeries and spend more than a month in the hospital with most of his body completely bandaged. Like with so many children, the Children’s Burn Foundation reached out to do whatever they could to assist Kevin and his family during his hospital stay. The Children’s Burn Foundation even purchased a new mattress, pillows, and bedding for Kevin.

A very special moment came recently when Kevin was reunited with his twin brother for the first time since his accident as they celebrated their 5th birthday in the hospital.


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