Cami Ai Liu’s Story

CamiAi Liu was only two years old when she was found in China, badly disfigured by burns and abandoned on the side of the road. Thankfully, she was brought to a Chinese orphanage, but that was just the beginning of the journey that saved her life.

Seven years later, a second miracle: a special woman Debi, who had adopted a child from the same orphanage, saw Ai Liu and contacted the Children’s Burn Foundation in Sherman Oaks, California. We immediately set out to find a way to bring Ai Liu to renowned burn surgeon, Dr. Peter Grossman, for surgery that would change her life forever. The Children’s Burn Foundation orchestrated the search for a family to host Ai Liu. What we found was a compassionate Southern California family that stepped up, not only to host her, but to adopt Ai Liu permanently as their own.

Just in time for Christmas, Ai Liu’s new mother Karen flew to China to meet her daughter for the first time and to bring her home to a new family and a whole new life filled with hope! With the help of the Children’s Burn Foundation and loyal donors like you, Ai Liu will receive reconstructive surgeries to give her a new life and a bright new smile. She even has a new name, Cami Ai Liu.


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