The Council

The mission of Children’s Burn Foundation is furthered by the efforts of The Council, a dynamic volunteer group of 73 dedicated members who work to support the Foundation’s fundraising and community outreach initiatives.

Founded in 1996, The Council hosts the annual Giving New Hope Benefit, where they bestow the Giving New Hope Award to a community leader who has demonstrated significant commitment to improving the lives of children. Through the Giving New Hope Benefit, The Council has raised more than $18 million since 1996.

One of The Council’s annual activities is the Holiday Party, where Council Members invite our CBF families to come together for a day of festivities at Fire Station 84. This day is filled with music, treats, games, gifts and of course community.
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Members of The Council of the Children’s Burn Foundation

2019-20 President

Ellen Danna*

Founding President

Carol Mancino*



Gwen Aldridge

Adriana Balaban*

Leanna Balaban

Fay Bass

Marjorie Bender

Catherine Berger

Suzanne Bonafede

Alexandra Brand

Shawna Clark

Lily Fukuda Crummy

Ellen Danna*

Barbara Deming

Lexi Fadel

Lynda Fadel*

Pamela Fluor

Barbara Fodor

Kate Freeman*

Ruth Gilliam

Lindsey Gordon

Brindell Gottlieb

Mary Hambric

Betty Hollingsworth

Celia Kahn

Sally Kanin

Lauren Katz

Mary Nguyen Kayne

Kate Kennedy

Dana Kraft Kitaj

Sandra Krause

Beth Lane

Lisa LaPorta

Janet Leahy

Tracey Letteau

Tamara Lowensohn

Susan Lynch

Carol Mancino*

Joan Mangum

Adria Marti

Patty Nickoll

Barbara Nicola

Christine Ofiesh

Nina O’Hern

Mara Palmer

Lianne Pinder

Judy Piro

Sandra Post

Barbara Pratt*

Annette Rasmussen

Deena Regan

Sandra Rosenbaum

Ellie Salamat

Jennifer Shpilsky

Minoo Simantob

Kandus Simpson

Rebeka Sinclair

Laurie Sischo

Yvonne Skillings

Tracy Berliner Smith

Jill Stein

Robin Swartz

Ginny Sydorick

Susan Tivoli

Kathleen Toppino*

Amanda Tunnell

Sherry Tunnell

Elinor Turner

Alexis Vourvoulis

Lynelle Wagner

Heidi Widelitz

*Board Members of The Council


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