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The mission of the Children’s Burn Foundation is furthered by the efforts of The Council, a dynamic volunteer group of approximately 71 dedicated members who work to support the Foundation’s fundraising and community outreach initiatives.

Founded in 1996, The Council hosts the annual Giving New Hope Benefit, where they bestow the Giving New Hope Award to a community leader who has demonstrated significant commitment to improving the lives of children. Through the Giving New Hope Benefit, The Council has raised more than $17 million since 1996.

One of The Council’s annual activities is Nurse Appreciation Day, when Council members bring gifts of gratitude to the nurses of local burn units for the great work they do for children who have been severely burned.



Council Newsletter 2013

Council Newsletter 2014


Members of The Council of the Children’s Burn Foundation

2014-15 President

Ellen Danna*

Founding President

Carol Mancino*


Susan Andrews*
Adriana Balaban*
Tanya Baron*
Fay Bass*
Marjorie Bender
Mary Jo Blue
Iris Bovee*
Linda Cappello
Shawna Clark*

Barbara Deming*
Lynda Fadel*
Barbara Fodor*
Sherri Fogelman
Ava Fries
Nadine Gerns*
Fataneh Ghassemieh
Ruth Gilliam*
Carol Goldman
Lindsey Gordon*
Brindell Gottlieb

Betty Hollingsworth*

Thelma Houston
Mildred Iacovetti*


Linda Janger
Marcy Jennings*
Sally Kanin
Mary Kayne
Cindy Ker
Dana Kraft Kitaj*
Sandy Krause
Debbi Landsberger
Beth Lane*
Lisa LaPorta*
Susan Lynch*
Joan Mangum
Tiffany Mayers*

Angela Movassaghi
Karen Nalle
Patty Nickoll
Nina O’Hern
Sandra Post*
Barbara Pratt*
D. Reiko Pultz
Annette Rasmussen*

Sandra D. Rosenbaum*
Jenifer Sackler
Ellie Salamat*
Minoo Simantob*
Laurie Sischo*
Yvonne Skillings*
Tracy Smith
Nicole Picone Sokolow*
Jill Stein*
Robin Swartz*
Ginny Sydorick
Paula Lechman Testa
Gina Thibodeaux
Tamar Tomassian
Kathleen Toppino*
Jean Trebek*
Sherry Tunnell
Elinor Turner*
Patricia Turrentine
Linda Vitale
Sheila Weisman
Heidi Widelitz*
Misty Widelitz*

*Board Members of The Council


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