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    The Children’s Burn Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support services for child burn survivors, ages 0-18 and their families, as well as burn prevention

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  No matter how you give,  your generosity and kindness is guaranteed to change children’s lives.

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Need Help?

The Foundation’s Full Recovery Program provides assistance to young burn survivors and their families for immediate and long-term support when no other help is available.

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Assiya’s Story

Assiya StoryIt was a terrible accident! Assiya, the second youngest child of five and the only girl in the family, was severely burned over 70% of her body when her jacket caught fire. She was only four years old. For her burns, Assiya received care in her hometown where doctors thought she would not make it. Miraculously, she survived.

However, as Assiya healed, the scar tissue that formed made her joints immobile. Sadly, doctors in Kazakhstan did not have the proper equipment to care for her burns. Assiya began to develop huge areas of additional scarring from the treatment.

When the Children’s Burn Foundation learned of Assiya’s struggles, we rushed to get Assiya to Los Angeles for burn care surgeries by Dr. Peter Grossman. Assiya recently arrived in Los Angeles with her mother and older brother, and has had her first surgery at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital. With the use of artificial skin, a series of surgeries will help Assiya gain freedom to move again.

The Children’s Burn Foundation is proud to be facilitating this brave little girl’s journey toward mobility. Click here to donate and help children like Assiya.

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Our Programs

  • Full Recovery

    The Children’s Burn Foundation is the only known foundation that offers the Full Recovery Program for child burn survivors, locally, nationally, and internationally – a unique blend of medical care, psycho-social support services, and daily living support to help young burn survivors achieve their full potential…

  • International Outreach

    The International Outreach Program saves lives and improves outcomes for burn survivors by providing on-site education and training in burn units at hospitals in developing countries.

  • Prevention & Education

    The American Burn Association reported that 66% of burns occur in the home. Sadly, most of these burns could have been prevented. Through the effective education of caregivers and children on life-saving fire safety and burn prevention skills, the Children’s Burn Foundation is dedicated to reducing these needless tragedies…

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